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14 October 2014


Oliver’s Super Sandwiches starts to offer fair trade certified products including soft drinks, chocolate and cookies in support of this meaningful cause. With an extensive network of outlets across the city, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches endeavours to promote the integration of the fair trade concept into customer’s casual dining experience.

From now on, a range of fair trade certified beverages and snacks including Karma Cola, Gingerella, Lemmy Lemonade, 70% Dark Chocolate, Orange Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Stem Ginger Cookies are available at Oliver’s Super Sandwiches outlets. When customers purchase these products, not only can they enjoy the real delicious taste, but they are also supporting fair trade, ensuring farmers and workers in developing countries are offered reasonable return to get out of poverty.

The fair trade beverages are all made with organic ingredients. Also, to provide customers with healthier choices of beverage, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches also offers five flavours of sparkling water, all of which are made with organic fruits and raw sugar. The bottle designs of the drinks present a unique chic style.

Information of Fair Trade Products

Oliver’s Super Sandwiches offers a range of fair trade certified soft drinks and snacks to promote fair trade. Five choices of organic sparkling water are also newly launched in outlets to provide customers with healthier options.

All Good Organics Soft Drinks

The fair trade certified soft drinks and organic sparkling water offered by Oliver’s Super Sandwiches are supplied by All Good Organics of New Zealand. All Good Organics is committed to helping farmers improve their livelihood through fair trade. Part of the proceeds from the sale of soft drinks will go back to the village for building fresh water wells, processing centres and stores for crops for the facilitation of community development.

Karma Cola ($26) (middle) is a fair trade and organic certified soft drink made with organic ingredients including real cola nut from the rainforests.

Gingerella ($26) (left) gives a unique taste with the blend of fair trade organic ginger from Wayamba region of Sri Lanka, lemon, fair trade organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea and sugar from Paraguay.

Lemmy Lemonade ($26) (right) is a combination of organic Sicilian lemon and fair trade organic cane sugar, presenting a refreshing flavour of fairness.

All Good Organics Sparkling Water has five flavours including (from left to right) white grapefruit, red grapefruit, bitter lemon, blood orange and blackcurrant. Every bottle is made with organic fruit and raw sugar.

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate and Orange Milk Chocolate

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate and Orange Milk Chocolate is made with fair trade certified ingredients such as pure cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and best quality Ghanaian cocoa. 45% of Divine Chocolate Limited is owned by the cocoa farmers’ cooperative Kuapa Kokoo. Therefore, the farmers not only benefit from a fair price, but also receive a share of the profits from the sale of chocolate.

70% Dark Chocolate ($20) strikes the perfect balance of milk and cocoa. Both sweetness and bitterness can be enjoyed in one bite.
Orange Milk Chocolate’s ($20) charming aroma of orange matches perfectly with soft milk chocolate.

Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Stem Ginger Cookies

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Stem Ginger Cookies are made of fair trade certified ingredients from developing countries such as Indian stem ginger and Malawian sugar. They contain no hydrogenated oil and are suitable for vegetarians. Traidcraft, the supplier, has been helping producers from developing countries achieve a better life by maintaining a long-term trading relationship with them and providing training for sustainable development.

Stem Ginger Cookies ($14) (left) are wonderfully crumbly cookies, spiced with roughly hewn pieces of Indian stem ginger.

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies ($14) (right) are crunchy chocolate cookies baked with whole chunks of chocolate, definitely irresistible for chocolate lovers.

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