Asia Pacific Catering (Hong Kong)

Dynamic, diverse catering for institutions


Asia Pacific Catering (Hong Kong) was set up in 1990 targeted at organisational clients such as universities, hospitals, government, and public and private institutions. This marks a strategic penetration into a market sector where a well-managed, efficient, flexible, dynamic, committed, and resourceful catering operator is needed.


We manage a full spectrum of catering concepts in various institutions ranging from cafeterias, staff and student canteens, full-service western restaurants, Chinese gourmet restaurants, coffee shops, cake shops, snack bars, school kiosks and meal box delivery service, where a wide variety of cuisines are tailor-made to meet our clients’ demand.

Innovative campaigns, festive foods, deli food and international cuisine promotions are specifically designed for institutions from time to time in line with local events and activities. Surveys are conducted to track customer needs and satisfaction.


The scope of the business of Asia Pacific Catering (Hong Kong) has expanded from its initial clientele of major universities and government departments to encompass the hygiene-conscious hospitals, worldwide public and private companies of different sizes, as well as primary and secondary schools.


The management team of Asia Pacific Catering has established a strong rapport with its institutional clients. Close liaison and meetings with clients involving its top management all the way down to floor managers and operating staff ensure constant exchange of views on menus and services for continuous improvement.


To enhance its management and ensure quality services, Asia Pacific Catering (Hong Kong) is the first catering company in Hong Kong to be certified for ISO 9001 and HACCP, both of which are internationally recognised standards of quality management and food safety.


We will continue our expansion in the institutional catering sector as a well-managed and dedicated service provider. We will also continue to dedicate our efforts in widening existing local customer base while expanding vigorously in the institutional catering market in Mainland China.

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