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8 February 2018

Café de Coral launches social caring programme – Community Spring Feast
Serves over 1,500 beneficiaries and
announces the result of “Grassroots Lunar New Year Celebration Conditions” pioneer research

Lunar New Year is a traditional festival in the Chinese community where people gather for Spring Feast as a symbol of family reunion. Coinciding its 50th Anniversary, Café de Coral Group launches the Community Spring Feast during February and March, partnering with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and Food Grace, treating over 1,500 beneficiaries from 18 Districts of Hong Kong with Poon Choi, served in the Group’s restaurants to share the festive blessings with the community. The Community Spring Feast Kick-off Ceremony was held in Jade & Pearl Plaza today with the presence of Mr. Peter Lo, Café de Coral Group CEO, Mr. Cliff Choi, HKCSS Business Director, Ms. Marilyn Tang, Executive Director of Food Grace, as well as the representatives of the supporting organizations, kicking off the social caring programme.

It is supposed to be joyous when the New Year comes, yet the grassroots face financial burden derived by celebrations. During the Kick-off Ceremony, the organizer announced the result of “Grassroots Lunar New Year Celebration Conditions” pioneer research. The research was conducted by an independent research house with the aid of 9 non-profit organizations (NGOs), namely Food Grace, Christian Family Service Centre, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong, Fu Hong Society, Hong Kong Children & Youth Services, The Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club (Dr. Ellen Li Learning Centre), New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, OIWA and St. James’ Settlement. 693 questionnaires were distributed in the period between January 5 and 26, with 343 valid responses. The research aims at investigating how grassroots families celebrate Lunar New Year with regards to the financial burden and degree of happiness. The result enables the public to have an overview of the grassroots families’ financial conditions and paves the way for the NGOs to take insightful investigations in the future.

Huge portion of respondents are unhappy about Lunar New Year
The research shows that 35% of the respondents feel happy about Lunar New Year. Half of them (53%) agree that the festival brings pressure to their financial status. Speaking of the cause of happiness, 77% of the respondents claim that they are happy because of reuniting with the families and friends. Nearly 40% of them relate the cause to the delicacies and spring feast while 18% of them think that the red packets make them happy. The research also investigates the spending habits of the grassroots, showing that almost 80% of them will celebrate Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. Among these respondents, over half of them stay in Hong Kong because of saving money.

With the soaring price level, grassroots families need to seek multiple ways to save money for Lunar New Year. 57% of the respondents tend to wait for special discounts of daily necessities while 38% of them reduce the spending on buying food. More than 40% of them purchase economical products which are not fresh. Mr. Peter Lo, Café de Coral Group CEO, believed that the figures would enable the general public and organizations to realize the problems faced by grassroots families, and provide references for the Group to provide relevant support to the needy in the future.

Ms. Marilyn Tang, Executive Director of Food Grace expressed, “the grassroots do not benefit from the economic recovery in recent years. The long-standing food and property prices has brought them immense burden, making the celebration of festivals unaffordable. Food Grace strongly supports the Community Spring Feast which gives warmth to the low-income group during the festive days. We hope there will be more charitable events for the community.”

Spring Feast becomes unaffordable to grassroots families
Traditionally, the Chinese families prepare a lavish meal called “Spring Feast” to mark the beginning of the year, yet not all the families in Hong Kong can afford, especially those more luxurious food products. According to the research result, almost 30% of the respondents do not have the habit of “Spring Feast” while half of them abandon the practice in order to save money. Nearly one-third of them will only spend $100 or below (per head) for the Spring Feast. Moreover, the most-wanted food materials for Spring Feast are abalone (36%), prawn (31%), chicken (30%), scallop (29%), dried oyster (18%) and so on. This denotes that the preferred food materials of the grassroots are not economical.

Mr. Peter Lo said, “Lunar New Year is a joyous festival. Café de Coral wishes all Hongkongers can reunite with their families, hence organizes the Community Spring Feast 2018, to bring happiness and festive blessings to the grassroots. In coincidence with the Group’s 50th anniversary, Café de Coral expands the scale of the campaign to 38 sessions which benefit 1,500 grassroots citizens. We will keep our best endeavours with our extensive branch network to hold more activities which bring positive energy to society and reach more people-in-need.

1. Mr. Peter Lo, CEO of Café de Coral Group addresses the audience at the Community Spring Feast 2018 Kick-off Ceremony.

2. Group photo of Mr. Peter Lo, CEO of Café de Coral Group (6th from the right), Mr. Cliff Choi, HKCSS Business Director (5th from the right), Ms. Marilyn Tang, Executive Director of Food Grace (6th from the left) and the representatives of the supporting organizations.

3. Group photo of the Community Spring Feast Kick-off Ceremony.

4. Event highlights of the Community Spring Feast first session.

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