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25 March 2020

Latest operational arrangement of Café de Coral Group restaurants

To help fight the spread of COVID-19 and better protect our employees and customers, dine-in services of Café de Coral Fast Food, Super Super Congee & Noodle, Mixian Sense, Oliver's Super Sandwiches will be stopped after 6:30pm, on 27 March 2020 until April 9, while takeaway services will continue to be available.

To align with the special arrangement, the Group restaurants have launched diversified takeaway menus and offers. Dinner takeaway services of Cafe de Coral Fast Food and Super Super Congee & Noodle will start at 5pm, express take-out meals will also be provided. In the meantime, the Group would keep strengthening the partnership with the food delivery platforms, foodpanda and Deliveroo, to provide various special offers to customers.

The Group will further implement the disease prevention and control measures. All stores of Cafe de Coral Fast Food will set up transparent plastic partitions to separate customers who share the same table, so as to provide exclusive dining area for them. The Group has adjusted the opening hours of some branches and enhanced cleaning the shops and kitchens. All tables, door handles and menu boards are sanitized frequently. To ensure a safe dining environment, all staff are required to wear disposable masks, wash their hands and check their temperature regularly, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be provided to guests at all times. Restaurants would not serve customers who are under mandatory home quarantine.

Appendix: Latest discount and offer of Café de Coral Group restaurants

Brand Offer Details
Café de Coral Fast Food 1. Dinner “Meal to go” $38/item or $70/2 items
- Add-on $15: Combo for 2 (including rice x2, sweet soup x2 & vegetables)
- Add-on $38: two BBQ items (BBQ Pork/ Plain Chicken/ Soya Chicken/ Roast Duck)
- Add-on $13: stewed soup
2. Lunch “Express Line” & “Choices for Take Home” $35 up
- Customer can enjoy 10% off by using Octopus card from 31 March to 13 April
3. Customer can enjoy 10% off & free delivery in foodpanda from
April 1 to 30
Super Super Congee & Noodle 1. The series of takeaway offer for any 2 choices $76 / for 1 choice
$45 with add-on offer for Home-made Soup $9/ Sweet Soup or  Vegetable $6
2. Takeaway Special offer for Braised Chicken $38
3. Limited offer for Claypot Rice with Mushroom & Chicken $39 and Claypot Rice with Chicken Feet & Spare Ribs $45
Spaghetti House 1. Members can enjoy 32% off on Self-pick-up discount offer (only applicable on A-la-cert menu)
2. Enjoy “Limited Offer Set $178” included Spicy Lobster Tails and Tomatoes Spaghetti [For One] with Boston Lobster Bisque [For One] and Coke Zero [Can] for Deliveroo platform special ordering
3. Enjoy Self-pick-up Special Combo included “Meal Set For 1 ($68
up)”, “Happy Kid’s Meal ($68)”, “Combo Set For 3-4 ($298)” (VIP Offer $248) and “Meal Set For 2 ($198)” (VIP Offer $158)
Shanghai Lao Lao 1. To enjoy “Steamed Pork Dumplings (2pcs) and Sweet Soya Milk/ Sour Plum Drink” at HK$1 upon any Handmade Noodles consumption
2. Rice with two kinds with drink at discounted price $55
3. Exclusive Offer $78 of Steamed Chicken with Scallion Oil in Shanghai Style (Half) and served with a choice of appetizers (for
one) valued up to $58
Mixian Sense 1. “Combo for Two” at discounted Price $128 (available for dine in & self-pick up).
Oliver’s Super Sandwiches 1. Waiver of delivery fee upon any purchase on Deliveroo ordering platform
2. Exclusive 20% off takeaway purchase to VIP members after 6pm

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